How These Secret Love Handle Exercises Burn Maximum Fat

Sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise can wreak havoc on our bodies and mental state, especially if love handle exercises have been ignored from our fitness routines for some time. No one plans to get fat or have a growing stomach. It just sort of happens doesn't it from years of too many beers, poor eating choices and lack of regular exercise.

It's a scary fact of western culture around the world that we are getting fatter. Skin fold tests, scientific research and fitness data points to this startling fact. With increased fatness on our bodies comes a higher risk of cancer, heart disease and other environmental diseases.

Maintaining a fit body is a combination of proper diet, exercise, getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water and living a healthy lifestyle. I am sure it's no surprise to you, as you sit there hunched over at your computer sipping on a Pepsi, that most of the population is lacking on complete total body fitness. Most people contemplate doing love handle exercises (or any other fitness routine) to get rid of their bulging mid-section but don't get around to taking action.

So here is a very effective love handle exercises routine which melts fat away, can be completed in 20 minutes, is super effective and can be done anywhere. It is rewarding and has flexibility to take in a variety of exercises to keep your motivation high.

Step 1 Love Handle Exercises to Burn Fat

Remember four numbers - 8, 12, 20, and 4.
The instructions are: Complete a short intense burst of exercise for 8 seconds.
Rest for 12 seconds and repeat this simple cycle of 8 seconds burst and 12 seconds rest for 20 minutes. Complete the routine 4 times a week. So 8, 12, 20, 4.

Step 2 Love Handle Exercises to Burn Fat

The short bursts are best done in 5 minute blocks. Choose between cycling (stationary bike is best), sprinting and various exercises such as push ups, sit-ups, Hindu Squats, Back Bridge or Hindu Push ups. Skipping (jumping rope) is also a superb routine to consider.

So here is how I love to complete this routine.
5 minutes of sprinting consisting of 8 seconds burst and 12 seconds rest.
5 minutes of push ups and sit-ups (8 seconds burst and 12 seconds rest repeatedly).
5 minutes of sprinting again and you guessed it (8 seconds bursts and 12 seconds rest)
Followed by 5 minutes of push ups and sprinting (8 seconds burst and 12 seconds rest).

This is a brilliantly effective routine for cardio fitness and burning fat to its absolute maximum. The power of interval training has been well documented and by using this simple program four times a week can be much more effective than longer periods of jogging.

Step 3: Love Handle exercises to Burn Maximum Fat

This routine works brilliantly and immediately when you stick to four times a week. Now four times a week need of only 20 minutes is achievable for you surely! It can be done at lunch times, before work, after work, in fact anytime at all and done anywhere.

The key is not to stop in between 5 minute installments. Keep going to get maximum gain. For those starting an intense routine such as this, check with your doctor first. Consider slowing down to half pace instead of full on bursts if you must.

Step 4: Keep a written plan and diary of your activity
Fitness routines fail for lots of people due to lack of planning, motivation and follow through. What stops us? Here are the key steps in overcoming inertia and follow through.

a) Write down exactly what you want from your fitness activity specifically and clearly. This is your Vision. Example: I want to weigh 140 pounds in 90 days time (31 March 2010).

b) Write down for the week ahead exactly WHEN you will do your exercise routine. Tell me exactly and specifically when.. This is your plan.

c) Have someone hold you accountable to push you through the doubtful de-motivated times. Spouses or significant others are great at this.

Love handle exercises and interval training are scientifically proven to dramatically help weigh loss, increase flexibility, give variety and can be completed anywhere. I believe this makes this routine versatile and enjoyable to do. Enjoy.

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